Our products are all hand-made in Washington DC.

I source the highest quality beeswax possible from regional beekeepers in an effort to support American beekeepers in rebuilding our honeybee population. The quality of the wax and the higher than average temperature of the dipping make for a clear, luminous appearance.

To place an order please send an email to info@isacandle.com. I will get back to you quickly to arrange delivery and payment.


Beeswax tapers:

These candles combine beauty and function, and make a wonderful addition to any occasion.

Hand-dipped 100% beeswax tapers in 5″, 12″, 14″ and 16″ lengths in the natural honey color of the beeswax. They give off a beautiful bright glow and gentle honey fragrance, are naturally drip-less (as long as there isn’t a significant cross-draft,) burn much longer than conventional candles, and burn clean – emitting no soot or toxins.

Length             Aproximate Burn Time                    Price                  
  5”                           7 hours                                $12.00 per pair       
 12”                         16 hours                               $16.00 per pair      
 14”                         20 hours                               $18.00 per pair       
 16”                         24 hours                               $22.00 per pair   

Decorated Beeswax Tapers

These candles combine beauty and function, and make a wonderful addition to any occasion.

12” beeswax tapers with white wax decoration. The white decoration is beeswax that has been filtered many times to make it white/cream colored. No bleaches or chemicals were used to whiten it maintaining the clean-burning aspect of the candles. The decorations consist of delicate leaves.

Price: $20.00 per pair

Jar Candles

Our newest product! Perfect for easy back-yard lighting

These small jars pack a powerful punch, burning for 8-10 hours. No need for a candle holder, though I do recommend keeping them on a heat safe surface. The jars do get hot, especially as the wax gets low.

Price: $16.00


Our fire-starters help light your fire frustration free without the use of artificial chemicals. The beeswax burns hot and the cotton slowly making them a perfect aid to starting a fire in the fireplace, grill, or campsite fire-pit. Cotton wick drenched in beeswax shaped like little spaghetti balls.

Price:  3 for $3.50


Beeswax Ornaments

An old German tradition! Beautiful decorative items for home or holiday decoration. Ideal for those who love the scent of beeswax candles but for various reasons can’t have or don’t want an open flame.

Hand-made leaf, flower, snowflake and star-shaped ornaments made of 100% beeswax with ribbon loops. They give off a mild honey aroma to the area around them and can help keep linen closets or drawers fresh. Can also be used as wax-melts


Leaves                                 $3.00 each               
Flowers                                $5.00 each          
Snowflakes and Star          $3.00 each        
Poinsettia                            $3.00 each        
Small Snowflake                 $2.00 each        
Small gift                              $2.00 each   

Poplar leaf ornament
Oak leaf ornament
leaf ornament
Maple leaf ornament
sunflower ornament
rose ornament
daisy ornament
dogwood flower ornament


rose ornament
Snowflake 1 ornament
star ornament
Snowflake 2 ornament
Poinsettia ornament
small snowflake ornament
small gift box ornament