Producing Artisanal 100% Beeswax Candles

Is A Candle is a small artisanal candle-making business in the Nation’s Capital. The quiet process of hand-making candles provides a contrast to the teeming policy and political work the city is known for, just like candle-light provides a break from our busy digital lives.

The  vibrant city of Washington DC and my children are part of what inspired me to start the business. I love making things that are beautiful and useful. I have a longstanding love of candles going all the way back to kindergarten when I hand-dipped my first candle. The process of hand-dipping beeswax tapers brings these elements together with the hope of providing others with something to cheer a room, light a special occasion and find a moment of calm.

The candles are produced by hand in small batches using 100% beeswax from regional beekeepers on 100% cotton wicks – making for a long-lasting, clean and maintenance-free burn.

Most of the tapers produced are 12 to 16 inches tall, but other sizes can be made upon request.

Anne Moulakis